The Gender Factor in Clean Cooking Energy in Rural India Policy Brief

Govind Kelkar,Dev Nathan, Shantanu Gaikwad,Manjula M,R. Rengalakshmi

 State of Affairs: Over a period of 12 years (1999-2000 to 2011-12) the reduction in the proportion of rural households primarily relying on firewood has been from 86.1 percent to 77.2 percent in 2011-12 in a period of high economic growth. This raises the question: Besides economic growth, what else is needed at the policy level in order to bring a quick transition from solid biomass to clean fuels, LPG or electricity?

The use of firewood as cooking fuel results in two problems. One is that there is a release of carbon (black carbon) contributing to the build-up of...

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Political Economy of Energy Policy in India: Electricity and LPG

Haribandhu Panda

Clean energy is key to good quality of life, effective production, productivity enhancement and innovation. India has abundant amount of coal and renewable energy, matured technology and institutions for meeting the clean energy needs of lighting, cooking and other utilitarian and productive requirements. Over the years, country’s energy consumption is highly skewed towards fossil fuels. In addition to high grade coal for steel and power production, India’s oil and natural gas need is mostly met through import. Geographically, there has been wide disparity in energy consumption, with...

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The Gender Factor in Political Economy of Energy Sector Dynamics

M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation,Centre for Rural Technology, Kathmandu, Nepal

This research proposal is based on the premise that it is necessary to include gender concerns in the political economy of energy access. In addition to a structural analysis of power in conventional concerns of political economy, we underscore the need for a gender analysis of political and economic processes to understand the strategic energy needs of rural women and men, who have experienced marginalization and exclusion in the development of energy infrastructure. The central research question is: how can rural women be empowered to gain access to modern energy services in both...

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